Peak Performance with HEG Neurofeedback Training

HEG neurofeedback affords you the opportunity to strengthen your innate abilities and perform at your best. Improvements can be noted in one or more of the following areas:

Success at achieving goals:
Your prefrontal cortex (PFC) is part of your brain that allows you to formulate and achieve goals. Frontal lobes facilitate your ability to identify something you want to achieve, develop a plan of action, get motivated to initiate the plan, sustain the motivation to carry out the plan, and follow through in a timely manner with each step in the correct sequence. This part of your brain also gives you the ability to assess outcomes and to determine whether a better plan is needed if you didn’t achieve exactly what you intended.

People with healthy frontal lobes have real ambitions and dreams and are able to achieve them. They are more prone to take charge of their lives instead of feeling they are  a victim of circumstance. They are able to delay gratification, have better impulse control and foresight into the consequences of actions. They also demonstrate the ability to stay on track and not get distracted, and they have more common sense and show good judgement. As a result of optimally functioning frontal lobes, people can maximize their success in achieving their goals.

Higher social intelligence:
The more developed your frontal lobes are, the greater ability you have to understand social situations and respond appropriately. With greater insight into other’s mental states (intentions, needs, etc.), you have more success in social interactions. Communication skills are enhanced due to the increased ability to read the subtle cues of other people’s emotions and respond appropriately.

More mature personality:
Improved PFC  functioning can help people have better control of temper, greater insight into their own feelings and motives, more ethical behavior, mellowing of personality, improved ability to compete, more drive, greater  initiative and less irritability.